Much more than just another Provider

We are originally an IT consulting company. But even that would doesn't really cover it. We are more that that, we are an agency, a devops team, a reliable partner. We, eAleph, are and have been many things, but first and last true to our origins.

We are a mexican business and are proud of this. We have an undeniable feeling of commitment towards our society, our culture and our development. With this we don't only mean the mexican, but the global one. This is the driving force that makes us better for our clients and partners. They help us grow and develop aswell. Together, we can shape the future and create opportunities for everyone. This is our compromise.

Social Commitment

Commitment is an act, not a word.-Jean-Paul Sartre

At e-Aleph we are proud of being part of something greater than us. This is the reason why we don't speak about social responsibility but rather about social commitment.

We are truly commited to help society grow and preserve nature, instead of detroying it for growth. Our goal is to create the necessary conditions to shape a better future for everyone.

Our Clients are

Big and small businesses, finance groups, microfinance institutions, departament stores, manufacturers, members of the steel industry, of the electronics branch, of the educational sector and the overnment sector.

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Join us

You can join us from wherever you are. You find us in Mexico, Germany and basically everywhere where you have some internet.

Our offices are located in Mexico-City, Mexico and Berlin, Germany.