SACi is our inhouse e-learning manager. It powerful, reliable and smart. SACi allows you to easily offer classes, courses and trainings for everyone.

Compatible and complying

SACi complies with the SCORM-standard, meaning that any e-learning content you might already have can easily be migrated to SACi!

We also create pedagogical e-learing content for SACi and any other SCORM platform.


We offer the full power of SACi as a license or as a service, depending on what fits you most. We take care of setting up your infrastructure and help you take off!

Perfect for remote work and home office

Sometimes the best solution is remote work. SACi is the ideal tool for allowing your users to learn from anywhere.


Software tailored to solve any challenge.

We develop applications that cover exactly what you need: native applications for specific platforms o web applications for cross-platform use.

Native applications

These applications are optimized for best performance and are operative system specific. This programs are installed locally in your machines and use your infrastructure. We develop for MacOS®, Windows® and Linux.

Another form of native applications are the apps for smartphones. We develop for Android® and iOS® and take care of the app's distribution through Google Playstore® and Apple App Store®.

Web applications

They can be used anywhere, on any device: desktops, notebooks, netbooks, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Regardless of the operative system of your users, your services will always be usable online


Simple, flexible, secure

We offer professional solutions for hosting web content, mail servers and applications.

Our service is tailored to fit your specific needs to ensure your data is always available when you need it.

Zero downtime

Forget about those endless loading times! To host with us means to be always online.

Our hosting experts know your problems and know how to solve them.

LED Lighting


The world has an energetic problem and LED's are a valuable aid against it: not only it optimizes energy consumption, but it also reduces expenses.

Self sufficient

LEDs are a perfect solution for illuminating offices and factories, universities and households. They have a good performance indoors and outdoors, what makes the also perfect for advertising screens.

We also offer solar panels and wind turbines to make your illumination solution independent of conventional electricity.

Financing plans

We offer a variety of financing plans for the acquisition of LED-equipment, such as lamps and screens for advertising. This equipment saves you energy costs and generates revenue. In most cases, this additional income and the savings pay for the equipment.

  • Up to 90% energy savings
  • Over 50.000 hours of light
  • Maintenance-free
  • Recyclable


Enviromentally friendly

We have a strong focus on sustainability. One of our goals in every project is to find a balance between the ressources it needs and the functionality it offers. We see this as our social and enviromental responsability


We work hard to help our clients make their business more efficient by empowering them with the technology to use modern workflows and digitalize their data. Our goal is to help businesses to be able to do all the work without the paper. With this in mind, we help our clients reach their goals while giving them full control over the security of their data, making them more profitable and competitive.


We have special equip,ent at our disposal, with which we are able to digitalize, capture and index massive volumes of data. This allows us to work with any material, from documents, books, blueprints and magazines to negatives and microfilms.

  • Business data administration
  • Books, blueprints, magazines, microfilm
  • Workflow development
  • Backup service






XML Export

PDF Export


Soporte y Manteni­miento

Sometimes even experts need some help solving overwhelming problems. We have the experience and the ressources to be that extra help that makes the difference.

Short term

We all like to think it will not happen until it does: One good day infrastucture and services that were working just fine just stop working and there is no quick solution in sight.

A bad situation to be in, but we can help with our team of experts, all you have to do is to give us a call.

Long term

Small and medium enterprises often lack the ressources for an expensive in-house IT team, startups struggling to keep their services online or family busineses who just opened an online shop or rely on an ERP. Normally people hope their websites and infrastructure keeps on working perpetually, but the risk of them failing without warning is real.

With all this in mind, we have developed plans to help busineses like yours to be able afford focusing on your busines and not on the technology that powers it.

We help you out of any bind and ensure you don't need to worry about being in one.


Everyone needs a rock-solid and well polished visual identity.

It doesn't matter if you are a small or a multinational company, in the end your company will be judged online by its webpage. If your website is not stunning, you might be losing clients and money.

Experience and know-how

In eAleph we know how hard it is to find the perfect solution. There are so many frameworks and libraries and technologies put there that makes chosing the most suitable one a struggle itself. With our extensive experience we can help you find the perfect solution, with our broad know-how we will help you reach your goals.

Everything from the same hand

We are designes and developers, makers of technologies and innovations, content creators and translators. This means that our workflows and development cycles are fined tuned to always deliver the best results in the best times. This makes us the perfect partner for developing a complete solution to even the most complex cases.

Your business is unique, make that count.